The Neuter Commuter

Since July '09, the Humane Society of Northeast Florida, Inc. has been working closely with First Coast No More Homeless Pets and S.A.F.E. St. Augustine to transport local animals to FCNMHP's state-of-the-art Spay & Neuter Clinic in Jacksonville.   We are currently running the Neuter Commuter every other Wednesday (2/10/2010) out of the HWY 207/17 Park & Ride lot in East Palatka; on the opposite Wednesday (2/17/2010), the Neuter Commuter picks up and drops off from the Shelter in Hollister.

To celebrate Spay Day USA on 2/23/2010, we are adding two special runs to FCNMHP;  the first on Saturday, 2/20/2010, out of Crescent City Farm Supply on Hwy 17;  and the second on Saturday, 2/27/2010, out of Williamson's Food Store at 849 N. State Rd in Melrose.

Since October, your Humane Society has taken full responsibility for the Putnam County Neuter Commuter (thanks to S.A.F.E and volunteer Jean Fenner for getting us off to such a great start!).  In that short period, we have the following results:










Please call the Shelter at 386-325-1587 for more information.


Our New Low Cost Spay and Neuter Voucher Program 
Launched at the Pet Fest on February 14th, 2009, our new low cost spay and neuter voucher program is on a roll.  As of 2/1/2010, we have sold nearly 450 vouchers at $10 each, which have resulted in the following "alterations":

Vouchers Sold

Animals Altered

Dog Neuters


Dog Spays


Cat Neuters


Cat Spays


Some number of the outstanding vouchers have already had the surgery, but we don't count them until we get the documentation back from the veterinarian.

The program works like this:

1)     Buy a voucher for $10.00 at the Shelter in Hollister, or at one of the events we participate in.
2)     Make an appointment with one of the participating veterinarians listed below to have your animal altered.
3)     Take the voucher to the veterinarian for your scheduled appointment
4)     When services are rendered, pay the veterinarian as follows (in addition to the $10.00 voucher fee): 

Pet to be Altered

Male (neutered)

Female (spayed)

Dog < 85 lbs



Dog > 85 lbs






  • This fee is only for the spay or neuter.  You must provide proof of rabies inoculation from a licensed veterinarian.  If unavailable, the rabies vaccine must be given at the time of alteration for an additional $10.00.   
  • All dogs and cats in Putnam County, over the age of 4 months, are required to obtain a county tag.   
  • The tag fee for an altered animal is $5.00.  If you are outside of Putnam County, please check with your Animal Services Department for proper licensing procedures.  
  • We recommend that you obtain the following yearly shots for your pet: 

            Dog/Puppy:  DA2PLP, Bordetella, Rabies                 

            Cat/Kitten:  FVRCP, Rabies 

  • These vaccinations may be obtained at the time of altering for an additional fee.  Please speak to your vet for further information on this, as well as on flea and heartworm prevention.              
Animal Health CenterEast Palatka386-328-0327
 Crescent City386-698-2887
Shelton Veterinary ClinicInterlachen386-684-4077
 Palm Coast386-447-7381
Tri-County VeterinariansHastings904-692-4200
Crill & PalmPalatka386-328-9616
  Animal Medical Clinic  Palatka  386-328-4613

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